A label is fundamentally your product’s business card – it catches the consumer’s eye first and determines whether they ultimately decide to buy. It is therefore crucial that your label evokes positive emotions. Using a holistic EcoDesign approach, our team considers environmental impact at every stage, from concept to print. At the same time, we offer fully refined and aesthetically designed labels that clearly indicate the purpose and type of product. The right selection of font, colours, shape, material, adhesive and refinements will make your product with our label stand out from the competition.


Thoughtfully developing the foundations of a label design that follows he latest visual and environmental trends, and will in turn attract customers to your product, is the first step to achieving the result you dream of. A good label design must also be fully compatible with the technical requirements and specification of the printing technology. In this way we can achieve the right printing speed with full alignment of our objectives. As a result, we optimize production process to avoid adverse delays and errors.


  • We will appropriately use the space on your product label – we will highlight the logo, include specific product markings and information necessary for the product’s market release. We will choose the suitable font, colours and shape – all in order to distinguish your product from the competitors. We’ll ensure that all of these elements work perfectly together, and your label will speak directly to the customer through a consistent and personalized message.

  • Z zasady wykorzystujemy podstawowe kształty: kwadrat, prostokąt i koło. Niezmiennie jednak staramy się dostosowywać projekt do produktu: możemy zastosować dowolny kształt etykiety, który dodatkowo uatrakcyjni efekt końcowy. Dbamy jednak o to, aby nasza etykieta pozostała spójna z identyfikacją zarówno produktu, jak i Twojej marki. Utrzymujemy wysoką rozdzielczość elementów graficznych (min. 300 dpi) – dzięki temu, obraz, który przenosimy na surowiec pozostaje doskonale czytelny dla odbiorcy na długo.

  • The final stage of conceptual work is the adjustment of the project for printing on flexographic machines. We make sure that the creative designs are perfectly reflected in the printout. We create colour profiles, plan the optimum positioning on the reel in order to maximise the use of resources and adapt the raster and vector graphics for printing and refinement.

    In order to accurately recreate colours or a given effect, its colour scheme or saturation, graphics and texts are produced in CMYK or Pantone colour palette.

  • Our carefully designed labels allow us to minimize the negative impact on the environment – reducing the consumption of energy and raw materials, limiting waste production and using ecological materials. We focus on creating label designs that allow the labelled product packaging to be easily recycled.

    Our labels will not only significantly improve the appearance of your product and its visibility when displayed in the retail shelf, but will also increase your product’s potential and competitive advantage when it comes to introducing sustainable practices.


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