Decorative Labels

The aesthetic solution: exquisitely reproducing the colours, our labels will set your product apart from the competition without too much effort. With an individual label design, you invest in your brand identity. Attract the attention of a multitude of customers with the uniqueness and aesthetics of your label, finding use in a variety of industries – from food and beverage through cosmetics to home care and industrial chemicals.

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    • semi-gloss paper, 
    • vellum paper, 
    • thermal paper ECO, 
    • TOP thermal paper, 
    • white foil PP, 
    • Transparent PP film, 
    • PE white foil, 
    • PE transparent film,
    • PET film
    • Highly efficient for embossing and laminating
    • Printed in up to 10 colours – both adhesive side and liner side
    • Allows a wide choice of varnishes
    • Ideal for cold stamping
    • Food and speciality food
    • Non-alcoholic beverages
    • Spirits and wines
    • Pharmaceuticals and cosmetics
    • Chemicals & home care
    • Automotive
    • Retail industry
    • E-commerce
    • Excellent print quality for the most demanding designs
    • Consulting in the process of selecting the parameters of the label, with regard to the application, the environment and the characteristics of the product 
    • Wide range of materials and adhesives 
    • Labels adapted to the type of packaging and containers
    • High-quality colour reproduction
    • Production safety
    • BRC certified
    • Variety of styling options and special printing capabilities



We use multi-colour printing and additional refinements when producing decorative labels. We offer a matte finish or topcoat the label with varnish. It is possible to use a wide range of papers and foils – all alternatives guarantee the expected durability and legibility of your label. We prevent potential damage as a result of environmental factors and product properties. We offer a long-lasting effect : our label will stay with you and your customer for a long time in line with your objective.


Full color label printing

We use four CMYK colours (blue, magenta, yellow and black) and an extensive Pantone colour palette. Due to flexographic technology, we offer the exact range of colours your project needs, while maintaining the style and tone of your branding.


Laminated labels

Laminating labels by applying a protective film to the surface of the label material after printing ensures durability and extends the life of your label. It’s a safeguard against damage that will give your label waterproof and scratch resistant properties. Additionally, to help you achieve a certain look for your packaging, laminates are available in a variety of versions:

  • gloss
  • semi-matt
  • matt
  • soft touch
  • custom texture

Embossed labels

A great way to make your product stand out is through the use of embossing. With this technique, you can press an image into the label material, which makes the image rise above the rest and give your product a more sophisticated look. From wine labels to premium food and cosmetics, embossing is an ideal solution for a wide range of applications.


Double-sided label printing

Take advantage of double-sided labels: give some depth and originality to glass bottles, plastic tubes or other transparent surfaces. Using the right materials, adhesives, and printing equipment, we can print special designs and other details on both sides of the label, giving your products a unique look.


Clear labels

Transparency allows you to create an eye-catching look for your product while exposing the package and its contents. These labels are dedicated to a variety of markets – beer, specialty food,  health and beauty. Due to their water-resistant properties, they remain the ideal solution for products stored in low temperatures or exposed to moisture. With double-sided adhesive, the inner side of the packaging can be seen and your design will remain bold and visually appealing to your customers.


Metallic labels

To individualize your product and customize its look, metalized foil and paper labels are available in a variety of colours. The superior performance of our labels makes them more resistant to oil, abrasion and sunlight. Regardless of your needs, metallic materials are a tribute to the elegance and luxurious look of your packaging.



Showcase your products by adding a non-standard look, cold stamping can be the finishing touch to your label. By applying a special foil to the facestock, we will create a decorative, metallic effect to your label which is perfect for

  • luxury goods
  • Food and beverage
  • Cosmetics and household chemicals
  • Wine bottles
  • Bottles of alcohol
  • Beer bottles and cans
  • In this way, we can both refine and mark or protect your labels.

Waterproof labels

For protection of your products stored in the fridge or wet areas, use our waterproof labels. The matching adhesive and moisture-resistant material will keep your label intact.



Decorative labels are also a way to communicate environmentally friendly messages through packaging. Besides recycled and recyclable materials, we offer materials such as corn pulp, cotton, grape waste and sugar cane. Deciding on labels produced from sustainable materials is a win-win scenario for the environment. Instead of exploiting natural resources unnecessarily, opt for recyclability in the production process of your label.



Oil is one of the factors potentially affecting the integrity of your label, which needs solid protection when it comes into contact with oil in any form. Used in combination with proper materials, our labels are a reliable weapon against oil problems.



Our waterproof labels retain their original shape and colour in contact with moisture – the perfect solution for products that are frequently exposed to water.



In extremely challenging deep-freeze conditions, labelling products with wet, cold or deep-frozen surfaces becomes a task that requires strong, well-selected adhesives. This is essential in particular when food is packaged in film with insufficient barrier properties.

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